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The Odell Centre prides itself on the wide range of activities available to our Members and we make every effort to offer activities that appeal to all ages, interests and abilities. Personal Development Plans are completed for all our Members to reflect this. 

Our Activity Coordinators  ensure that at any time during the day there are different activities available so Members can choose what they would like to do. We also arrange special events that are tailored around the interests of our Members.

Main Projects

Here in the building we have a variety of spaces that can accommodate a range of activities. The hall allows for group activities, the woodwork room for more manual tasks and the pamper room for a little self indulgence. The garden area provides the space for Members to relax or grow plants as well as an area for a BBQ or similar special event.

Out of Centre Activities

As well as spending time at the Centre, our Members also like to go out and explore the local community and try exciting new activities. We encourage everyone to try something different from time to time to discover hidden talents and interests.

Special Events / Trips

Occasionally we like to invite special guests to entertain our Members. These include visitors such as  musicians, magicians and animal trainers. We also like to take our Members out on day trips - from a picnic in the local park to a day out at Drayton Manor Park.

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